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Michael Holiday

The Reindeer Games are Here!

Santa's hanging up the suit and getting ready for someone to take his spot. See if twelve-year-old Mary Cairins can fit the bill in this exciting novel for all ages!

Michael Holiday's Debut Novel

MARY CAIRINS AND THE REINDEER GAMES by Michael Holiday is arriving just-in-time for the Christmas season! It’s a cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Santa Clause. Mary’s mother left her when she was young. Her father died two years ago. If her past has taught her anything, it’s to not get too attached to any place, or anyone. Her uncle (Dave) recognizes Mary’s isolation, and they make a pact: he’ll find a job that doesn’t have them moving every six months in exchange for her to open up and try to make some new friends.

When destiny strikes and Mary wins a video game contest to compete in a larger tournament for $1,000,000, she must tear down the walls holding her back from making friends and learn to believe in Santa Claus again if she is to survive the four heart-stopping challenges of The Reindeer Games—to save herself, and Christmas. For the one that wins The Reindeer Games will become the next Santa and not only control the North Pole, but the Sands of Time (Santa’s secret)—and with the Sands, the world.

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  • Age range: 9+
  • Pages: 216
  • ISBN: 978-8985062915
  • Date: 1 November, 2021
  • Press kit: 2,2KiB

Meet the characters

Mary Cairins

Being a twelve-year-old girl is hard enough, but when you’re yanked from school-to-school and constantly relocating, it makes it doubly hard to be a kid. Until one night, and a miraculous Easter egg discovery while playing the demo model of the hottest videogame (Reindeer Games) at the local CraveCo store, Mary racks up enough points to land the final spot in the High-Five, winning the honor to compete in a greater competition at the North Pole. She and her legal guardian, Uncle Dave, embark on a wintery adventure that will surely change their lives—if Mary can survive the perilous events to come.

Jackie Frost

Queen of Cool, Jackie Frost is one of Santa’s most trusted aides. The elves are great, but it’s nice to know you have a winter fairy—the winter fairy—on your side. She loves ice hockey games and hot cocoa, and she knows the North Pole and its secrets just as well as Santa. You can thank her for all those winter snow days off from school and those hard-fought and memorable snowball fights.

Crystal Frost

Jaded and cold as ice, Crystal Frost is Jackie’s ne-er do nothing sister. She was so bad in the past, freezing the North Pole and all, that she’d been banished and imprisoned in a cramped Genie bottle. But danger descends of the North Pole! Crystal has broken free from her prison and she’s on the loose, seeking her revenge, eyes set on Santa’s ultimate magic for herself.

Rudi Smartbottom

Daughter of Rudolph and lover of chocolate, Rudi leads with her pink nose. This reindeer is both daring and crazy, and she knows shortcuts around the racecourses like nobody’s business. Rudi’s one fast flyer and she’s a friend till the end. If you had your choice of reindeers to ride in, oh, let’s say a reindeer race, she’d be my first pick.

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